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PIN/Password FAQ

System Request Code (PRC) Password Assistance


Q. What is the PIN/Password System?
A. The PIN/Password system allows RRB customers to establish RRB online accounts. Once an online account is established, RRB customers can utilize selected services with the RRB through the Internet.
Q. Can anyone get an online account?
A. No. At this time, only current and former railroad employees can get an online account. Also, you cannot get an account if you began working for the railroad during the current year, or you received a BA-6 form and your birth date is shown as 99-99.
Q. What type of services are available through online accounts?
A. At this time, current or former railroad employees with accounts may:
  • View their railroad service and compensation statement
  • Estimate their annuity rate
  • Apply for unemployment benefits
  • Claim Unemployment Benefits
  • Claim Sickness Benefits
  • View RUIA Account Statement
Q. Is the system always available?
A. The system is available most of the time. If the system is down for maintenance or technical difficulties, a message will be displayed. For example, "THIS FEATURE IS CURRENTLY DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE. PLEASE CHECK BACK SHORTLY".
Q. How do I get an online account?
A. There are two steps to establishing an online account.

First, you must request a Password Request Code (PRC) be mailed to your home address.

Second, when you receive your PRC in the mail, you will enter your PRC, PIN (social security number) and a password to establish your account.

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Password Request Code (PRC)

Q. What is a Password Request Code?
A. A PRC is a randomly selected code assigned to online users after their identity is verified.
Q. Why do I need a PRC?
A. A PRC is a security measure that verifies your identity. PRC's are only assigned to online users whose identities have been validated. This code is needed to establish a PIN/Password account.
Q. How do I get a PRC?
A. You request a PRC on the PRC Request page on the website. To request a PRC, you should click on "Request a PRC" on the Benefit Online Services menu page. You will be asked to provide specific identifying information about yourself. For example, name, date of birth, address. The information will be matched against the information on RRB records.
Q. I entered all of my information, but your system says "We are unable to match your information in our records." Does this mean my RRB record is wrong?
A. This message is generated when the information that you provide does not agree with the information on our records. You should carefully review the data submitted, especially spelling of names and resubmit the information until you have reached your maximum times to authenticate. At that point, contact your local RRB field office to have them verify your information and correct our records, if necessary.

To reduce the risk of fraudulent activity over the Internet, we do not disclose the incorrect information that you input when it does not agree with our records. If your information does not match, you will be advised to contact your field office for assistance. You may do this in person, phone or through the link on the website.
Q. Why must I wait 7-10 days to receive a PRC?
A. The PRC identifies who you are. As a security measure, it is released to you through the U.S. mail to the address on our records. We expect most PRC's to be received within 7 days. However, we cannot predict mail delivery service times. Therefore, we must allow at least 10 days for the PRC to reach your home.
Q. What should I do if my PRC is not received in 10 days?
A. You should contact your RRB field office or the system administrator for assistance. You may do this by using the links provided on the website.
Q. My PRC Expired. Can I get another PRC?
A. A PRC will expire if not used within 30 days from the date of the PRC letter. If you need a PRC extension, contact the PPW system administrator. Once a PRC is assigned, it never changes. The PPW system administrator will extend the expiration for another 30 days by reprinting the PRC letter.
Q. I am trying to request a PRC and receiving the message that my social security number is already in the PPW system. I don't remember requesting a PRC before. What should I do?
A. If the social security number is already in the system, it means you have requested and been approved for a PRC. If you do not remember receiving a PRC letter, another letter can be released. Contact the PPW system administrator using the link on the web site.
Q. I received a PRC. How do I establish an account?
A. You establish an account by clicking on "Box 2 Establish your RRB Internet account AFTER PRC received" in the Benefit Online Services Login Box on the RRB home page. You will be taken to the "Establish Your RRB Internet Account" page. There you will enter your PRC and PIN (social security number). You will create and enter your own password, then click the SUBMIT box. You will receive the following message "YOUR PIN/PASSWORD ACCOUNT HAS NOW BEEN ESTABLISHED".

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Q. I'm trying to establish an account. Your system won't accept my password. What should I do?
A. Each user should create his or her own unique password. However, all passwords must be in a specific format. Passwords should be between 8 and 15 characters. Passwords can be comprised on A-Z, a-z, 0-9, pound (#) and star (*). If your password is in this format and you are still having problems, contact the System Administrator through the link on the website.
Q. I forgot my password. Can I get another one? If so, how?
A. You may request a new password by clicking on the "Request New Password" link on the Benefit Online Services menu page. Or, by clicking on the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the Login page. The system will assign a new password and release it in a letter mailed to the address on our records.
Q. I received a new password in the mail and cannot get it to work. What should I do?
A. After receiving a new password, you must click on the "Login Now" link on the Benefit Online Services menu page. You must enter your PIN (social security number) and the new password to login.

Another possibility is that the password is not being entered correctly. The password entry is case sensitive and must be an exact match to the password in the letter.
Q. I tried to log in and now my account is locked. What should I do?
A. As a security measure, an account gets locked when the wrong password is entered 3 times. If you have locked your account, contact the PPW system administrator for assistance using the link on the web site.
Q. Will my password expire?
A. Passwords do not expire.
Q. Can I change my password? If so, how?
A. You may change your password as often as you like. To do this, click on the "Change Password" link on the Login Required page. If you are not already logged in, you will be requested to do so before you can change the password.

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Q. Who can I contact for assistance?
A. You should contact your RRB field office in person, by phone, or through the link on the website for most general questions. If you are having problems establishing your account or setting up your password, you should contact the System Administrator through the link on the website.

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